This time it’s something for everyone. For those who don’t like staying in one place, who love development, who are eager to look inside themselves, take a look at oneself, analyze, improve  

We present to you a coaching exercise that you can perform with the use of our Values Poker cards. It can be helpful in the work of a coach, where it can act as a ready base for a coaching session, or inspiration to create one’s own tools to work on values. However, it’s not designed for coaches only. Everyone who takes interest in oneself and has a moment to reflect can use this exercise   So grab your sheets of paper!


If you are a coach and you are using this exercise during a coaching session,

I encourage you to modify questions and/or add your own. In the end you know best what will be beneficial to your client at a given time.


You can add the question: “What do you feel after performing this exercise?”

We are curious about your impressions after this exercise, both on your own and in your work with a client.

We hope such inventory will lead to positive changes   And we wish you just that.